Saturday, 29 October 2016

Coolest Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping a gift sounds real fun but this very task becomes frustrating when you have lots of gifts to wrap or you don’t actually have so many ideas to do it. There cannot be any tutorial or specified instructions on how to wrap a gift. Nevertheless, it’s not a pitfall but an attribute that tells about the freedom of using creative options for gift wrapping. Still not sure what to do? We are here with some very creative and convenient gift wrapping ideas that wouldn’t cost you much money and time even if you have a task of wrapping a hundred gifts in one day. These are just a few ideas but you can do customizations according to your needs to derive many projects from a single idea.

1- Cut out design

This trick gives an amazing look to the gift because the signature design in this wrapping doesn’t involve addition of extra labels or ribbons. You mainly need two wrapping papers of different colors, small shipping boxes to pack the gift, tapes and scissors. The image should be enough to illustrate the steps involved in wrapping and decorating the gift.

2- Furoshiki Wrapping

Gift wrapping using a furoshiki seems simple but one of the most amazing ideas. The only thing you need is a cloth to wrap the gift box. Place the gift box in the middle of cloth and tie the sides of cloth above the gift’s top. It’s that simple. Watch the image to get illustrated idea.

3- Linoleum Gift Wraps with Stamped Designs

This gift wrapping idea is amazing to be worked upon. It especially works great when you have two gift boxes and you want to make a set to make one present. The main task in this project is to prepare the stamps from linoleum. Scalpel can used to carve lines in linoleum to make stamps of any shape you want. When the stamps are ready, wrap your gifts in the normal way and use these stamps to make prints in the paper.

4- Ribbon Making From Magazine Paper

The covers of magazines are usually made of shining paper that feels really smooth when you swipe your hand on it. The portion of that paper that doesn’t have too much color variation can be used to make gift ribbons. Furthermore, there are some amazing designs that you can create only by using paper ribbons like these ones.

5- Matchbox Suitcase

Have you ever thought about using matchbox as an option to wrap your gift? The gift box made with a matchbox is the cutest gift wrapping idea I have ever seen. There is not much to say about this gift wrapping idea as you can get its better illustration from the image.

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